Bryan Hayward (guitar)


Bryan first started playing in bands in the late 80’s, the youngest member in a succession of original bands playing up and down the Jersey shore and in dive bars in places like New Brunswick. In bars before he was legal, sometimes he had to be let in the back door.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s he played in a number of bands, perhaps not known for hit records but popular for their solid sound and enthusiastic delivery. The Questions, Special Effects, Parlez, Partial Credit – forgotten bands each with their own unique voice. It was a time when rock was changing from spandex to grunge and a pop act with piano and occasionally a horn section had a hard time getting the attention of record labels.

In the early years the band took up a collection to slip to the local TV producer to get on the “Uncle Floyd Show”, a New Jersey legend. Years later, Bryan’s club band would play with Uncle Floyd Vivino at various New Jersey clubs. “Shaving Cream, get nice and clean” – you had to be there. Floyd rocks.

Over the years, Bryan's bands would score gigs opening for great bands of the day or of the “day before”; Aimee Mann (post Til Tuesday), The Fix, Glenn Burtnick and other great acts. For a few months, Bryan’s band served as the “house band” for “Studdering John” Melendez, before the Tonight Show took him to California.

Bryan has played everywhere from the Holiday Inn to Syracuse Frat parties to the Stone Balloon in Newark, Delaware. He’s had a few evenings on stage at the Bitter End and the Stone Pony. Bryan is working on a new album with the help of his new band, Silent Q. He can be seen with Silent Q all over New Jersey: see Silent Q's website for more information.