Shelby Jackson (guitar)


Shelby Jackson is the son of moisture farmers who emigrated to Colorado in the 1980's. His very first job was programming binary load lifters, very similar to vaporators in most respects. He also speaks Bocce.

After leaving the travelling production of Cats, Shelby performed in a number of original and cover bands in Colorado. In the 90's, he moved to New Jersey with a band of outlaws known only as Los Pantalones who frequented a number of Jersey shore bars, playing counter culture music in very stylish trousers, all while riding motorcycles and using somewhat offensive language.

Shelby met Ralph at a monorail exposition ten years ago. Ralph was promoting a new kind of monorail that ran on two rails. While that venture never progressed, the two began playing music at some of the most prominent libraries across the tri-state area until angry librarians requested that they leave, insisting the patrons were there to read in silence.

Shelby and Ralph played together as The Laughing Soup Dish, Kathleen Turner Overdrive, Orange Calculus, Ween and The Chris Bath Experience until finally changing the name to Silent Q. Silent Q has become renowned for great acoustic music as well as fish taco Tuesdays. (Fish Taco Tuesdays has since been discontinued).

Shelby is an experienced singer and guitarist and is an accomplished ventriloquist.

[Most of this information requires citations]